Katie Microgaming

The 17th Karmapa has multiple adherents and supporters that influence on his website. The latter group is dissimilar, sometimes, the whole companies maintain His Holiness’ intentions and doings. Each of sponsors makes a significant contribution to the development of Buddhism and its worldwide distribution. Today, we want to talk about one of those associates. Her name is Katie Isaacson. For a few years, she’s been engaged in gambling and has its own blog focused on Microgaming casinos.

Who Is Katie And Why Does She Like Microgaming?

Katie was born in 1985, in Kiel (Germany). As she says herself, she is a pretty ambitious person. She graduated from the University of Kiel (faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences). Her life has changed after a psychology lesson concerning the problem playing sphere. Having been very impressed, Katie learned everything about gaming and later founded a website. There, she posts her casino reviews. All those places are powered by Microgaming, a leading developer of this area. She is a fan of the company and greedily checks all aspects of betting portals.

Ratings from the Author

Unlike many web reviewers who provide only the information taken from other similar sites, Katie is driven by her own experience. It means that she herself tries games from spots’ portfolios and describes a plethora of aspects related to your visits to these places. She reports the minimum deposit sum, available titles and many more things that we’ll list later. Such an approach makes people trust Katie Microgaming overviews, because it’s not just her work – it’s her passion and life.

Real Game Videos and Overviews

Usually, the blogger picks a title and gives visitors an insight of the game. In addition to a description, the page contains a video lasting 5-10 minutes. It shows her playing a slot and wagering real money. We think you realize how much this fact influences users’ opinions.

So, she makes bets, spins the wheels and explains the mechanics of the pokie. Katie tells how many reels it has, what are the scatters, whether triggers are present, how much paying strings she sets and so on. At its end, she makes a conclusion and displays her losses and winnings over the time of the clip. To say overtly, it’s an exciting move to place such overviews, distinguishing her project from all others.

Comprehensive Reviews of Casinos

Katie Microgaming

Have you ever thought of how many casino features are to be said by a true professional? You haven’t? Actually, you don’t need to do that, as such people as Katie took care of everything a long ago. This is the list of all characteristics she checks out:

  • the minimum replenishment’s sum;
  • the quantity of games;
  • technical support;
  • wagering rates;
  • payment methods;
  • available currencies;
  • languages of an interface;
  • the delivery period;
  • bonuses, their contents;
  • the presence of live and mobile version;
  • country restrictions.

She writes small but informative articles, including a short enumeration of operator’s merits & flaws. They all have the same structure, helping to learn only that what you need to decide whether the establishment suits you or not.

Set of Interesting Articles for Gamblers

You’re wrong if you think that she is interested only in bonuses and games. Gambling isn’t only about these things. There are so many features related to this sphere that a player must know by heart. All answers to your questions and doubts lie in her ‘Why and How’ articles. Don’t understand the term ‘wagering requirements’? Striving to learn how to choose a safe casino? Well, you’re right where you should be, as this section keeps tons of information on additional sides of a casino.

Why Should I Read the Blog?

As many other reviewing portals, Katie hands out exclusive bonuses every month (spins or cash) that you can receive after signing to her blog, subscribing to her newsletter and commenting pokies. You have to be registered with one of the playhouses she monitors as well. Katie randomly selects a winner and notify him/her through an email.