The Karmapa Foundation US

The Karmapa Foundation in America is occupied with organizing the public activities of His Holiness, aimed at improving the well-being of mankind and peaceful existence on the planet. The organization is mainly concerned with the following issues:

Relieving from Adversity

  • Bringing relief to the paupers, the indigents and everyone who needs physical or spiritual supporting, also active participation in activities directed at improving adversity in people’s lives and backing those who want to be free.

Teaching in Mind Sciences and Doctrines of Human Being

  • Coordinating open discussions and teachings, that includes:
    • Programs that call for expanding our knowing of the human mind. They also aimed to analyze the connection between the Sciences of Mind and ideologies of modern society.
    • Lecture tours of the Seventeenth Karmapa and connected events that positively influence the welfare of adherents.

Saving Nature

  • Cultivation of rational use of exhaustible natural resources and careful man’s attitude to nature as to the mother.

Protecting Traditional and Cultural Features of Different Communities

  • Preservation of traditions of the Tibetan people in order to support and prolong their substantial contribution to the development of global art.

Keeping up Educational Events

  • Assistance to separate persons and organizations that study the Mind Sciences. It includes:
    • Academies, schools, shedras and other institutions of education
    • Translation of original Tibetan, Sanskrit etc. texts in order to help followers who do not know these languages.
    • Public and religious institutes that share and disseminate the ideology of association.


  • Sharing reports, visual and audio materials from lectures, discussions and other events organized by the members of Association

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The Karmapa Foundation US is a 501(C)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt organization. It is subject to the laws of Washington State, the U.S.A. Charitable donations to us are deductible to the extent of the law.