Ogyen Trinley Dorje, known as the seventeenth Karmapa, has returned from a journey around America with a great success. His main goal in this trip, that lasted 2 months, was to establish a connection with young Americans. Within the walls of 6 main universities, that Buddhist mentor visited, he gave lectures to sold-out audiences, conducted conversations with both students and academics. Besides, he attended some classes for himself. This was the 3rd time that His Holiness came to the U.S.A. Karmapa Fund in the American continent assumed realization of the event.

During the traveling, he met with people who belong to Tibetan associations as well. Visiting the Buddhist communities under his leadership as head of the ninety-year Karma of Kagyu was aimed at reuniting with a multitude of his students around the whole continent. The lectures of his Holiness were devoted to such pressing problems as equality between male and female, compassionate activism, protection of nature. You can find all documented speeches in the “News” sector of this web-source (by clicking on images under the text). To be aware of planned events related to Karmapa please register here.

Media articles from the Epoch-making Eight-Week Visit to the USA (spring, 2015)

The 17th Karmapa

Heading the oldest school of Buddhism in Tibet, Karma Kagyu, His Holiness the Seventeenth Karmapa herds millions of followers of this religion on the whole planet. Been 14-year-old boy, he escaped to Indian land to be closer to Dalai Lama. Being the age of 29, he had already done a lot, including the creation of a monastic eco-campaign in the Himalayas. Totally monasteries – some kind of green centers – reaches 55. He also plans to achieve the opportunity for female’s ordination. This event may become a paramount moment in the history of Buddha’s doctrine. Communication between Buddhist leader and American youth formed the ground of his newest manual – The Heart Is Noble: Changing the World from the Inside Out .. Click here for details . Go to official Karmapa’s page in order to know all the activities connected with His Holiness.